* The kids will be all right

Click this link to read article – 20130318_151607

This article, The kids will be all right’ is from The Age newspaper dated 18 March 2013.   The article is about a parent who has a son with Aspergers.  As a result of her experiences sending her son to school she has written a book about Aspergers targeting her son’s peer group.

The article highlights the lived experiences of this mother taking her child to start school.  The decisions she needs to make as a parent include whether to publicly disclose her son’s Aspergers along with the fears of her son being accepted.

It is good to see this type of article in The Age, showing that a parents voice is important to be heard in the community.  The goal of this mother is for Aspergers to be seen as an ordinary part of life in a school, just like asthma or a nut allergy.  This highlights that education is the key to achieving this goal – her book is contributing to the schools ability to teach about diversity.  Students are able to read books about the lives of other students and themselves, seeing the differences as an everyday part of life – not a disability or something lesser.  The mother says she wants her son ‘to be celebrated’.

(Apologies for the scanning – you will need to rotate the picture!)


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