* Newlyweds with mental disabilities fight for right to live together


This is a second article from the Australian Women’s Weekly but unlike the previous one (‘Unexpected joy of having a son with disabilities’) this article presents the facts of a story rather than making it an inspirational story.

The article originated in the US which may account for the use of the word ‘mental disabilities’ in the title.  It would have been appropriate for the magazine to change the title to reflect the use of appropriate language in Australia – the words ‘intellectual disability’ are more appropriate or even ‘newlyweds who have an intellectual disability’.

The facts of this article show that discrimination against people who have a disability is always happening.  The group home has taken a one size fits all approach to the people they are supporting,  “claiming that by definition people requiring the services of a group home aren’t equipped to do so“.  This medical model definition places everyone in this group home as having the same needs, and being inflexible to individual differences.

Hopefully people reading this article will see this as discriminatory and take the view that all people who have a disability have the right to be treated as an individual capable of making decisions and having goals in life.


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